Keener-Squire Properties Principals

Gary I. Squire (Managing Partner)

Mr. Squire is a co-founder and the managing partner of Keener-Squire Properties.  He oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, the acquisition and financing of new projects, and the financial and strategic operations for the portfolio.  Prior to co-founding Keener-Squire Properties, Mr. Squire worked as an attorney representing clients in real estate transactions, with an emphasis on financing, partnership and tax considerations, investments and government regulation.  Mr. Squire is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School.

(202) 813-3322

Thomas G. Barringer (Partner)

Mr. Barringer is responsible for managing Keener-Squire Properties’ construction and renovation projects.  Mr. Barringer’s career in the construction industry spans over 35 years, and he has extensive experience with all aspects of construction, particularly renovation and construction of multi-family buildings in the District of Columbia.  Since joining Keener-Squire Properties in 1997, Mr. Barringer has been responsible for the construction and renovation of over 2,000 apartments and condominiums. 

(202) 813-3331

Michael Korns (Partner)

Mr. Korns focuses on the acquisition, financing and development of new projects, and the financial and strategic operations for the portfolio.  Since joining Keener-Squire Properties in 2003, Mr. Korns has worked on the development of over 1,500 apartments and condominiums, and on construction and permanent debt financing of over $650 million.  Prior to 2003, he worked in real estate investment sales, private equity and structured finance.  Mr. Korns is a graduate of Stanford University.

(202) 813-3326

Alison Sowers (Partner)

Ms. Sowers oversees the property management and personnel of Keener Management, Inc.  After joining Keener-Squire Properties in 2008, Ms. Sowers was responsible for the sales of The West End Flats, a 46-unit condominium project, and the management of a portfolio of 4 buildings comprising 400 apartments.  Prior to 2008, she worked in education and fundraising.  Ms. Sowers is a graduate of Amherst College.

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